We value local connections
that make this island
a big family.

Ikuchijima is located in the middle of Shimanami Kaido.
We want to spend our time together with everyone
on this island, aiming for an area
where people can support each other like a warm family.

Relay point of Shimanami Kaido

Ikuchijima is one of the Geiyo Islands floating in the Seto Inland Sea. About 50% of the island has a steep slope, so it is well-lit and is one of the best citrus producing regions in the Seto Inland Sea, producing the highest amount of lemon in Japan.
In a warm climate and scenery surrounded by the sea and greenery, you can spend leisurely.

Everyday scenery

Introducing the daily life of Ikuchijima,
including our facility.

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“Like a family”
We will support you
with such a feeling of
spending every day.

With nursing care that the new welfare society aspires,
things that can be done so far due to aging and chronic illness cannot be done little by little,
In order to answer such thoughts as “I want to live a life as before” and “I want to do what I want to do”,
I can do what I can and do what I can't do Help a little.
It is a care that aims to be an extension of daily life, not an extraordinary like a hotel.

About care of new welfare society

Setoda is surrounded by
the warm climate
and the warmth of the islanders

Would you like to
work with us
in a local facility?

Rakusei-en is actively hiring young people who want to work in nursing care. There is an environment where you can settle in Setoda and challenge yourself even if you are not experienced.

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