We value local connections
that make this island
a big family.

Ikuchijima Island is located at almost the center of the
Shimanami Kaido.
We interact closely with local residents in hopes of creating
a region where people support each other like a warm family.
We want to walk hand in hand with island residents.

Ikuchijima Island is the midway point of the Shimanami Kaido

Ikuchijima Island is one of the Geiyo Islands located in the Seto Inland Sea. Because nearly 50% of the island is sloped land, the excellent sunlight exposure makes the island particularly suited for citrus fruit production and boasts Japan's highest lemon production volume.
Enjoy relaxing times in a landscape with a warm climate surrounded by the ocean and vast green.

Scenes from daily life

Introduction of our facility and daily life on Ikuchijima Island.

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Spending time like family.
We provide support based on this philosophy.

Shinsei Fukushikai nursing care is grounded in our desire to respond to the needs of the elderly,
who face the reality of declining abilities due to aging and illness but who wish to live their normal lives and take care of themselves.
We support people being able to do whatever they can and providing assistance for the things they cannot do on their own.
The care we provide is not an irregular experience like a hotel,
but aims to be an extension of daily life.

About nursing care provided by Shinsei Fukushikai

Setoda boasts a warm climate and the warmth of its island residents.
and the warmth of the islanders

Join us to work in a facility
rooted in the local community.

Rakuseien proactively hires young people seeking a career in nursing care. We support your settlements in Setoda and provide an environment where the inexperienced can challenge themselves.

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