Spend relaxing days while feeling the winds
of the Shimanami islands.

We aim for welfare that values the connections with nature and local residents,
hoping that everyone walk together as if the island is one large family.

Rakuseien is located on the calm
and relaxing Ikuchijima Island.

Ikuchijima Island is located in the calm Seto Inland Sea.
With a warm climate, the region is major production region for lemons and other citrus fruit and the island is enveloped in refreshing aromas.
Known as a mecca for cyclists, the area is an energetic region attracts people from around the country.
There are eleven Rakuseien facilities on the island. At the largest facility on the island, enjoy the beautiful views of the Seto Inland Sea while relaxing in the location of your choice.


About Shinsei Fukushikai nursing care

Doing the things you can do for yourself
Spending every day like family

Our nursing care is grounded in our desire to respond to the needs of the elderly,
who face the reality of declining abilities due to aging and illness but who wish to live their normal lives and take care of themselves.
We support people being able to do whatever they can and providing assistance for the things they cannot do on their own.
Rakuseien does not provide an irregular experience like a hotel, but aims to be an extension of daily life people spend with their families.

  • Treating users like family to provide an experience resembling normal daily life

    We create spaces for people from the same island yet of all ages and life experiences to gather and spend time together. Our workers provide support so users can maintain their lifestyles to the extent possible. We work to provide users with the best environment possible and to make Rakuseien a place that is welcomed and appreciated in the local community.

  • We value the connection
    with the local community.

    We want Rakuseien to be a place that anyone can freely visit and feel comfortable consulting with us. We proactively accept local volunteers and provide workplace visit opportunities for middle and high school students to promote interaction with community youth and create familiarity for nursing care. We will work to strengthen community ties to create a comfortable facility and town.

    Community contribution activities

  • Work with local communities to contribute towards regional vitalization.

    In the spring, we hold a Welfare Festival together with local residents. Not only do we seek to provide enjoyment for local residents, we also provide demonstrations of welfare equipment, etc. to provide opportunities to get familiar with the welfare industry. We hold our Summer Festival in the summer. It provides opportunities for our staff to know local cultures by enjoying the “bon-odori” and other traditional dances of each district with local residents.

    Community interest