We have a training system for you to acquire nursing care skills even if you have no experience.

Reliable because of the extensive training curriculum!

From the basics of nursing care and nursing to study sessions for care worker exams Senior staff will carefully guide inexperienced people

Senior staff will carefully instruct inexperienced people

At Rakuseien, we provide training courses to acquire completion certification of “care staff induction course” in the facility to support those who want to become professional caregivers. We held training twice in FY2014. With the expansion of the Rakuseien nursing services, we are engaging in the development of human resources to lead us into the future and contribute to the region. If able to attend, anyone, regardless of experience and age, is welcome.

Enhancement of in-company training!

  • FY2017
  • April 19Workshop on rehabilitation in special care nursing home
  • Jury 7Training on palliative care
  • January 12Reception training
  • March 14Seating and positioning training
  • March 23Continued nursing care and nursing training No.1
  • March 30Continued nursing care and nursing training No.2
  • FY2018
  • April 6Continued nursing care and nursing training No.3
  • April 13Continued nursing care and nursing training No.4

Study session for care worker exam

With senior employees, you can learn the necessary knowledge for nursing care and welfare, such as infectious diseases, the need for a no-lift policy, improved communication skills through recreation, lifesaving treatment, bedsore prevention, QC activities, elderly abuse, physical restraint, self-care, etc.