Day Service Center Rakuseien

Interaction between workers and users promotes physical and mental care

Through interaction between facility workers and users, we work to resolve feelings of isolation and recover and maintain physical and mental function. We also provide use for the purpose of reducing the burden of nursing care on families. We accept requests for trial use and tours.

  • Day services – Eligibility

    Services are available for people certified as Support Level 1-2 or Long-term Care Level 1-5 in the long-term care insurance system.
    We offer services such as pick-up/drop-off, health check, bathing, meals, recreation, and functional training.

  • What do you do for day service recreation?

    As many people as possible with a smile on the basis of safety and respect for the intentions of the person. We provide recreation so that you can have a good time.

    1. Healthy group
    2. Dementia group
    3. Bedridden group
    • By using the head such as a quiz or using the fingertips such as origami, the brain is activated and It has the effect of prevention and delay of progression.
    • By moving your body such as gymnastics, you can expect the effect of maintaining physical function.
    • Through recreation, users who feel lonely can interact with the surrounding users, which in turn helps to improve the mental state of the people by providing them with an opportunity to learn again about the enjoyment of social activities.

    In this way, recreational activities have an important role to bring many effects.
    “Day Service Center Rakuseien”offers many types of recreation, such as physical exercises, head exercises, fingertip exercises, and music exercises.

  • Daily flow

    • 8:30Departure for pick-up
    • 9:00Gradually arrive at Rakuseien, morning greetings
    • 9:15Hydration and measurement of blood pressure, body temperature, and pulse
    • 9:40Begin bathing service sequentially Recreation (singing, arts and crafts), functional training
    • 11:00Swallowing exercises
    • 11:30Lunch
    • 12:00Oral care
    • 12:00Oral care
    • 12:00Post-meal break
    • 13:30Functional training
    • 14:30Recreation (singing, rehab exercises)Recreation (brain, physical games)
    • 15:30Snack
    • 15:50Prepare to return home, farewell greeting
    • 16:20Begin taking home (sequentially)
  • Available facilities

    At the facility, users work under the guidance of functional training instructors to conduct functional training aimed at maintaining and preventing the decline of physical functions. As requested, we can provide a personal file containing a record of service provisions. Training is provided based on individual functional training plans created by a physical therapist.

  • Usage fee

    Day Service Center Rakuseien
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