Rakuseien Hinata no Ie

Providing heartwarming care and your motivation for living

We provide service based on sincerity, consideration, and mutual support so that you can continue your daily life. Experience a trial or tour at any time.

  • Service details

    • Providing services that are sincere, considerate and supportive
    • Thoughtfulness that allows users to continue their daily life
    • Working closely with community, medical and welfare services
    Usage days From Monday to Saturday (open on holidays)
    Hours 9:00 to 16:10
    Usage fees Long-term care insurance co-payments + meal fee

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    Other details Pick-up/drop-off service, health check, bathing service, meal service, oral care
    Recreation (crafts, hobby activities, community interaction activities, daily life movement training, function training, etc.)
    Capacity 12 people / day
  • Daily flow

    Daily schedules are changed flexibly based on desires and conditions, and care is taken to respond to individual wishes and needs.

    • 8:30Pick-up (up to your home by facility vehicle) *Times may vary
    • 9:00Confirmation of health status (hydration, blood pressure, body temperature, pulse measurement)
    • 9:40Lively health exercises
    • 10:00Bathing (hydration after bathing)
      ・Lunch preparation
      (making delicious lunch with staff)
      ・Function training that supports mental and physical stimulation
    • 11:45Swallowing exercises
    • 12:00Lunch, oral care, cleanup
    • 14:00Recreation
      ・Light work depending on the user’s condition
      ・Seasonal events, going out
      ・Function training that supports mental and physical stimulation
      ・Snack making (preparation)
    • 15:30Snack, Toilet, brain stimulation recreation, dementia prevention recreation
    • 16:00Prepare to return home
    • 16:10Take home
  • Access to Rakuseien Hinata no Ie


    2338 Miyahara, Setoda-cho, Onomichi 722-2402
    TEL: +81(0)845-26-3033
    Business hours:9:00 – 16:10
    Closed: Saturday and Sunday December 30 to January 3

  • Usage fee

    Rakuseien Hinata no Ie
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Contact us

For inquiries to Hinata no Ie, please use the telephone number below.


Rakuseien Hinata no Ie manager Kumiko Iino