Community-based Special Care Nursing Home
Rakuseien Ikoi no Sato

Strengthen community interaction to promote more enjoyable lives

All private rooms to enable lifestyles specific to each occupant. We pursue individualized care to strengthen community interaction to promote more enjoyable lives.

  • About unit care

    “Unit care” is a care method that supports the continuation of living according to the individuality and lifestyle of each resident while living together with other resident and care staff in an environment close to home.

  • Available facilities

    Community-based special care nursing home – Unit–based (20 beds)

    A single lifestyle unit consists of individual bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, and bathroom in which 10 people live together.

    Occupant rooms are all individual bedrooms and feature a toilet, sink, and motorized bed. Occupants are able to bring their current furniture, appliances, and familiar personal items to place in their individual bedrooms.


    Properly heated meals are provided three times a day and served in the living room.
    Depending on the condition of the occupant, the time of meal provision can be changed.
    Furthermore, we alter nutritional content and meal shape based on the occupant’s illness or physical condition.

    Staff structure

    Our staff structure consists of Ikoi no Sato workers serving as care staff, which makes it possible for workers to form familiar relationships with occupants. Night workers are also Ikoi no Sato care staff. Nurses provide medical care including daily measurement of body temperature, blood pressure, and, as necessary, IV administration.

  • Usage fee

    Unit-based Special Care Nursing Home
    Rakuseien Ikoi no Sato
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