Care House Rakuseien

Resident staff provide peace of mind

For those aged 60 and older who are worried about living at home due to poor physical function, chronic illness, or old age. Staff are stationed fulltime to provide occupants with peace of mind.

  • Occupancy requirements

    • Those age 60 and older (in the case of a couple, one of them is over 60 years old).
    • Those who feel anxiety about living independently due to advanced aging or the deterioration of physical functions to the extent that they cannot cook for themselves.
    • Those who have difficulty receiving family support.
    • Those who are independent in their daily activities.
    • Those who can bear the necessary expenses.
    • Those who can strictly observe the occupancy requirements.
  • Service details

    • Three meals per day. A nutritionists will create a menu that takes into account the occupants’ preferences and health. A morning snack is also provided.
    • We also have a system for pick-up and drop-off for hospitals and health consultations on the island, and we sincerely engage with family members on consultations.
    • Home service such as day service center and home helper can be used if necessary, and users may leave or stay away at will. (Notification required)
    • Family and friends can also stay.(However, payment for meals is required.)
  • About the staff structure and facilities

    Available facilities

    There are rooms for one person and two people, which admit couples. A large bathroom and a meeting place are also fully equipped.

    Each room Mini kitchen, toilet, wash basin, closet
    Indoor air conditioner (heat and cooling)
    Telephone installation (Bring your own telephone)
    With TV antenna installation (Bring your own TV)
    Bathroom Shared bathroom (circulation system with filtration device)
    Laundry Communal laundry (with dryer)
    Dining room (with balcony), entertainment room, dormitory mother room, counseling room
  • About the staff to help you

    The facility manager, lifestyle consultant and care staff work.

    • Facility manager

    • Care workers

      We perform a wide range of tasks, from personal care such as bathing, meals and excretion assistance, to mental support for occupants, and various events such as recreation.

    • Lifestyle consultants

      Coordinate communication with families, assistance with occupant consultations, fee collections, and health insurance procedures, event planning and implementation, and coordination with hospitals.

  • Other

    Please contact us directly for care house usage fees and occupancy applications.
    Contact: Care House Rakuseien Lifestyle consultant Taiki Kawahara

  • Usage fee

    Care House Rakuseien
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