Rakuseien Short-term Admission Lifestyle Care Facility

Reducing burden on family care providers. Short-term use possible

We allow short-term (approximately two weeks out of the month) residency at Rakuseien to provide nursing care related to excretion, bathing, and meals, and to provide functional training in order to maintain and restore physical functions.

  • Reasons for use

    The most common reason for use is to reduce the burden on caregivers. Other reasons include short-stay use to deal with illness in family, ceremonial occasions, and business trips that temporarily make it difficult to provide care at home.

  • Prior to first use

    Prior to first use, we require the execution of a user agreement with the person in charge. At that time, we provide explanations related pricing, service details, pick-up/drop-off times, etc. The number of days of use available and pricing will depend on whether the user is certified for Long-term Care Need or Support Need so please provide details in your inquiry.

  • Usage fee

    Rakuseien short-term Admission
    Lifestyle Care Facility
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