Motivated by the words of gratitude from users and family members
With moderate exercise, both work and private are fulfilling.

Special Care Nursing Home Rakuseien
Care staff Yosuke Doi

Thoughts on work

“Thank you” from users is encouraging. Physical condition management is also important.

Nursing care work can be tough, but on many occasions, I receive words of gratitude from users and family members. This is one of the motivations for my work. I am working to create an environment where both users and myself can enjoy themselves. In addition, since I have night shift work, I manage my own physical condition by taking good care of my meals, sleep, and exercise.

How I spend private time

Tour the seaside with my favorite motorcycle. Moderate exercise also vitality

On holidays, I often go out for shopping by car, and ride on the Shimanami Kaido on my motorcycle to go to eat delicious food.
I also like physical activity, so I go jogging after work, and belong to a local organization to play basketball and badminton. Interacting with friends other than co-workers and moderate exercise refresh me and help me maintain my work motivation.